Stafford Boat Club

We have many facilities at the club for the convenience of members and fellow boaters.

There is our Slipway which can be hired for re-blacking the bottom or for underwater repairs. While your boat is out, it can be surveyed for insurance purposes, you can change your propeller or straighten or work on a damaged rudder or bearing. Sacrificial anodes, which can also be supplied by the club, can also be replaced at this time.

The Wet Dock can also be hired to repaint or work on your boat at any time of year under cover and if required with heaters. Both ends of the Wet Dock can be shut to minimise the cold air and dust from entering the building.

We have Diesel sales on the linear moorings and also Pumpout and Chemical Toilet Disposal facilities.

We have recently built a new services building complete with modern Laundry Facilities.

During those cold months, we can supply Coal for that all important fire. Calor Gas is also available.

We also have Overnight Moorings for those who would like to partake of liquid and refreshments at our bar in the Clubhouse.

Short Term Visitor Moorings are frequently available. Please contact our Harbourmaster on 07716 960049.

We also have limited winter moorings during stoppages from December 1st to March 31st

All enquiries should be made for bookings on our Contact Page